Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Labor Salutes Two Great National Leaders

Bill Hite and President Obama
Hawaii’s labor community expresses its appreciation to two national leaders on the eve of their retirement. Their support was uncompromising and heartwarming throughout their respective reigns.

Our nation and the world will dearly miss President Barack Obama. Hawaii’s native son was not just the first black ever to occupy the White House. He was truly the symbol of hope for the country’s many individuals, groups and organizations that had long felt either oppressed or rarely thought they were treated as equals. He has set an example of genuine leadership for his successor and hopefully sooner than later, the new Presidency may turn out a surprise. We have our fingers crossed.

Our UA General President the past 12 years, William (Bill) Hite was the epitome of a well-rounded leader who advanced our national organization to a level that was the envy of his cohorts across the country. All locals and their members have greatly benefited. We are confident his successor, Mark McManus, having worked alongside him, will be as productive and forward-looking.
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