Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

License Badges a Must on Jobsites – It’s the Law

The Union agents have been busy distributing the plumbing license I.D. holders to our signatory contractors state-wide for their journeyman plumber employees to wear on the jobsites. "We are being proactive and taking the necessary steps to be in compliance with the State law. If an investigator determines that there is a violation of the law by a journeyman plumber not displaying their license on their person while on the construction job site, a citation of unlicensed activity may be issued," Business Manager Val Ceria stated. The current Hawaii Revised Statutes states:

Section 444-9.5 - Performance of electrical and plumbing work; licensing of electrical and plumbing workers.

(c) All individuals employed on a construction job site by an electrical or plumbing contractor who are licensed in accordance with chapter 448E shall visibly display their license on their person while on the construction job site. Only individuals displaying their license at the time of a site inspection shall be counted as a licensee to determine compliance with this section.

License I.D. holders will also be available for members to pick up at the Union Office. They will need to present their plumber license for their free license arm band holder or clip on type holder. For further questions, contact Lance Hayashi at (808) 536-5454, ext. 231.
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