Retirees Information

News from Local 675 Retiree Club

The Local 675 Retirees Club cancelled its August 11 meeting and will likely cancel the November 10 meeting as well due to COVID-19. The next meeting notice will be by mail four weeks prior to that meeting date. The club’s Board of Directors did approve that club member’s 2020 dues be extended to also include 2021.

We are happy to announce that Local 675 Retirees Club is on the Lauloa list in the Hawaii Foodbank’s Summer & Fall 2020 newsletter, thanks to club members generously donating a total of $2,950 in their annual May 2020 drive. The need is expansive, therefore if you are inclined to do more, we encourage individual donations be made directly to the Hawaii Foodbank.

The Retirees Club welcomes all Local 675 retirees who are also active Local 675 members to join the Local 675 Retirees Club. Annual club dues of $20 includes all breakfasts for that calendar year. For more information, call Willy at 487-2773 or 256-0704.

New Pensioners

Congratulations and happy retirement to the following pensioners:

Dennis W. Lendt - 5/1/2020

Peter L. Bessara - 6/1/2020

Joseph G. Duarte - 6/1/2020

Kevin J. Mackenzie - 6/1/2020

Shane Pagente - 6/1/2020

Sheldon C. Saito - 6/1/2020

Raymond C. Silva Jr. - 6/1/2020

Kerry M. Akiyama - 7/1/2020

Teodorico Mendoza Jr. - 7/1/2020

Norman S. Arakawa - 7/1/2020


Wilfred Kanno

Vice President
Jonathan Lee

2nd Vice President
Alan Arakaki

Elpidio Tivera

Derek Hirao

Donovan Lewis

Glenn Hashimoto