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News from Local 675 Retiree Club

Local 675 Retirees Club cancelled its May 12 breakfast meeting because of COVID-19. The meetings scheduled for August 11 and November 10, 2020 are currently pending. If the meetings proceed as scheduled, an announcement will be sent to all Club members 4 weeks prior to each meeting (no notice = no meeting). Traditionally, the Retirees Club holds its annual Foodbank Drive in May. In lieu of donation of food items, the members of the Club generously donated $2,950 which was hand-delivered to the Hawaii Foodbank on May 8. Kudos to all Club members who participated in this timely and worthy endeavor! Retirees Club VP Jonathan Lee, sewed cloth masks (2 ea.) for all Club members which were mailed out the 2nd week of May. A big Mahalo from all to Brother Jonathan for his generosity and helping everyone to stay safe. We welcome all active Local 675 member retirees to join the Local 675 Retirees Club. Call Willy at (808) 487-2773 or (808) 256-0704.

New Pensioners

Congratulations and happy retirement to the following pensioners:

Edwin H Bihag - 02/01/2020

Michael R. Bourke - 04/01/2020

Wallace K.M. Chun - 04/01/2020

Stephen H. Freitas - 04/01/2020

Michael J Killion - 04/01/2020

Michael T. Kondo - 04/01/2020

Harold K. Minamishin - 04/01/2020


Wilfred Kanno

Vice President
Jonathan Lee

2nd Vice President
Alan Arakaki

Elpidio Tivera

Derek Hirao

Donovan Lewis

Glenn Hashimoto