Retirees Information

Happy New Year from the Retirees Club!

Local 675 Retirees Club cancelled its November 10, 2020 meeting due to COVID-19. When allowable, notices for the next Club meeting will be mailed four weeks prior. Election of officers called for in the cancelled November 10, 2020 meeting in accordance of the Club bylaws have also been cancelled. Instead, Club bylaw provision of Article IV B. 1. f. (The President shall: Appoint member(s) to vacated elected offices as he deems necessary.) will be exercised. New appointments are Jonathan Lee - Vice President, Elpidio Tivera - Secretary, and Donovan Lewis - Director-at-Large. All appointments are for a two-year (2021-2022) term.

All Local 675 retirees who are also active Local 675 members are welcome to join the Local 675 Retirees Club. Annual dues of $20 include all breakfasts for that calendar year. For more information, call Willy at 487-2773 or 256-0704.

New Pensioners

Congratulations and happy retirement to the following pensioners:

Natalie Castanares - 8/01/2020

Jeffery Chong - 8/01/2020

Clyde Oshiro - 8/01/2020

Burt Sakata - 8/01/2020

Tad Yoshikawa - 8/01/2020

Mark Yoshizu - 8/01/2020

Edward Louis - 9/01/2020

Michael Macadangdang - 9/01/2020

Dan Kawamoto - 10/01/2020

Jeffrey Martin - 10/01/2020

Christopher Motoda - 10/01/2020

Lester Omura - 10/01/2020

Phillip Price - 10/01/2020


Wilfred Kanno

Vice President
Jonathan Lee

2nd Vice President
Alan Arakaki

Elpidio Tivera

Derek Hirao

Donovan Lewis

Glenn Hashimoto