The 57th Annual Apprenticeship Graduation

Joining the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Apprentice Graduates are: (front row l-r) Ronden Numasaki-Asst. Training Coordinator, Dean Kobashigawa-Head Training Coordinator, Troy Sakamoto-JATC Member, Lance Hayashi-JATC Member, Matthew Brady-Union Trustee,Valentino Ceria-Business Manager/Union Trustee, Benjamin Panis-Union Trustee, Gregg Serikaku-Employer Trustee, Curt Balanay-Employer Trustee, Sam Barrett, Jr.-Union Trustee, and Westin Alcover-Asst. Training Coordinator.

The annual Apprenticeship Graduation dinner celebration was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Saturday, June 17, 2023. The 24 honorees were from the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 graduating classes of Plumber, Refrigeration Air Conditioning, Fire Sprinkler and Steamfitter-Welder apprentices. Each graduate was awarded their certificate and was also given a $100 completion award from Local 675.

Representatives from the Honolulu Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee, Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association, and Plumbers and Fitters UA Local Union 675 were present to offer their congratulations to the graduating classes.

Speakers for the night expressed their words of wisdom to each graduate in attendance. Head Training Coordinator, Dean Kobashigawa was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Local 675 President Matthew Brady did the invocation but not after addressing each trade and how vital and important their role plays in the community. Business Manager Valentino Ceria spoke about their journey through their apprenticeship years and how they should continue to be an asset as well-qualified, trained craftsmen to their employer and the Union. He added, “This is how we sell our Union and this is why Training is the backbone of the Union.” PAMCA Executive Director Gregg Serikaku who spoke on behalf of PAMCA President, David Fujikawa, emphasized the tremendous earnings and benefits they can now reap as a journeyman, thanks to the Union’s strategic negotiations. Brother Dean Kobashigawa mentioned a quote from “the Rock” Johnson who said, “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Brother Dean continued, “I truly believe that this is a true statement that runs through this Union and its members. You will all achieve greatness one day. Just stay consistent.”

Business Manager Ceria ended the evening by congratulating and accepting each graduate and welcomed them as full-fledged journeymen of Local 675. As Union journeymen of Local 675, they will be recognized not only locally but through the United Sates and Canada. After five grueling years of school and 10,000 work hours under their belt, the graduates together with their proud families celebrated this joyous occasion.

FALL 2022

Plumber Apprentices

Island of Oahu
Jeremy Marumoto
Duke Orton
Jason Towne, Jr.
Island of Maui
Skyelor Ishikawa
Jacob Kaninau

Refrigeration Air Conditioning Apprentices

Island of Oahu
Aaron Akina
Preston Ceria
Nicholas Inouye
Jason Manzano
Island of Hawaii
Stanley Kang
Island of Maui
Tristian Malano-Rodrigues
Donald Verdi


Plumber Apprentices

Island of Oahu
Justin Eli
Bradley Montero
Island of Kauai
Preston Morales
Island of Maui
RJ Hernandez

Refrigeration Air Conditioning Apprentices

Island of Oahu
Joshua Cordero
Christopher Cruz
Emil DeJesus
Zachary Fitzpatrick
Nolan Kometani
Scott Lau
Christian Stalcup
Island of Maui
Richard Pabingwit

Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 Contest Winners

Plumbing Apprentices
1st Place - Jason Towne, Jr.
2nd Place - Jeremy Marumoto
3rd Place - Bradley Montero

Refrigeration Air Conditioning Apprentices
1st Place - Aaron Akina
2nd Place - Emil DeJesus
3rd Place - Jason Manzano