The Plumbers and Pipefitters UA Local 675 Candidate Endorsements – 2022 General Elections

Business Manager Valentino Ceria joins the celebration with Primary Democratic nominees for Governor, Josh Green and Lt. Governor, Sylvia Luke.

The Plumbers and Pipefitters UA, Local 675 enjoyed a great primary election with much success at the voting booths. Most of our candidates have advanced to the General Election on November 8th. We would like to thank you for your support and your vote, and announce our list of formally endorsed incumbents/candidates for the upcoming 2022 General Elections.

The Process: All specific requests for endorsement are considered. Local 675’s Political Action Committee thoroughly reviews, researches and discusses each request received. Decisions to endorse, not endorse, etc. are based on criteria that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Incumbent Candidate status vs. New Candidate status;
  • Previous voting record, if any;
  • Positions on issues that are of importance to Local 675 and its members;
  • Positions on issues that are of importance to the community;
  • Work Ethic and Viability as a Candidate;
  • Accessibility and overall relationship with Local 675.

Elected-Officials and policy makers decide on issues that affect our lives each and every day. The union’s ability to provide for its members and their families rely on its ability to influence decisions, make sure they’re made inline with union beliefs, and bring value to our industry and our members. It’s important that each and every member understands the collective value of being politically proactive and engaged, and most importantly, the value of our collective vote.

A politically engaged and informed membership is vital to the continued success of the Plumbers and Pipefitters UA, Local 675 far into the future.

With that said, Local 675’ s Political Action Committee asks that you consider the listed endorsed candidates when voting, and ask your family and friends to do the same. But most of all...”PLEASE VOTE!”

United States Congress:
SCHATZ, Brian- US Senate
CASE, Ed- US Representative- District I

GREEN, Josh- Governor

Lieutenant Governor
LUKE, Sylvia- Lt. Governor

State Senate
INOUYE, Lorraine Rodero- State Senate- District 1
DeCOITE, Lynn- State Senate- District 7
ELEFANTE, Brandon- State Senate- District 16

State House of Representatives
GARRETT, Andrew- House of Representatives Dist. 22
SAIKI, Scott- House of Representatives Dist. 25
BELATTI, Della A.- House of Representatives Dist. 26
TAKENOUCHI, Jenna- House of Representatives Dist. 27
AIU, Micah Pookela Kim- House of Rep. Dist. 32
ALCOS, David A., III- House of Representatives Dist. 41
HAR, Sharon- House of Representatives Dist. 42
ELI, Stacelyn- House of Representatives Dist. 43
KILA, Darius- House of Representatives Dist. 44

City Council of Honolulu
ROTHMAN, Makua- City Council District II
WATERS, Tommy- City Council District IV
TOGUCHI, Traci- City Council District VI
OKIMOTO, Val- City Council District VIII

Hawai`i Island County Council
KUSCH, Matthias- County Council District 2

Maui Island County Council
KAMA, Tasha- Kahului Maui
SUGIMURA, Yuki Lei- Upcountry Maui
PELE, John- Moloka`i
COOK, Tom- South Maui
U’U-HODGINS, Nohe- Makawao-Haiku-Paia

Kaua`i County Council
COWDEN, Felicia- Kaua`i County Council
KAGAWA, Ross- Kaua`i County Council
KUALI`I, Kipukai- Kaua`i County Council