After many hours, days and months of negotiations on a new collective bargaining agreement between the Union’s labor representatives, Business Manager Valentino Ceria, President Matthew Brady, Vice President Benji Panis, and the Contractors’ management officials, the day had finally come for a ratification vote from the Local 675 membership. The current Labor-Management Agreement contract expires after the last day on July 3, 2021.

The Union membership on June 2, 2021 ratified the newly proposed Labor-Management Agreement at a specially held meeting at the Ke’ehi Lagoon Memorial Hall. The very next day Local 675 Contractors in their special meeting also ratified the new contract.

The evening began with a review of the various Trust Fund changes in the pension and health and welfare funds which was conducted by Fund Administrator, Erinn Liu. Members viewed the educational videos and were also informed to review important mailers and video links sent out to them earlier.

Later in the membersonly ratification meeting, Business Manager Valentino Ceria proposed the new wage and benefit package in the presentation. Before the vote, he commented, “Brothers, I believe that this five-year proposed contract that we negotiated is a great package. I support it and I am asking all of you to get this contract ratified tonight!” The members overwhelmingly voted in support to ratify the new contract. The approved five-year Labor-Management Agreement contract begins July 4, 2021 and stays in effect until July 4, 2026. After finalizing, formatting and printing of the new Labor- Management Agreement, the green-colored books will be mailed to all active Local 675 members.

Business Manager Valentino Ceria thanked everyone in attendance and thanked his team. President Matt Brady later expressed how grateful they were for the confidence the members instilled in them for negotiating a contract they could be proud of.