Dues Payment Reminder

As a reminder, member’s monthly dues shall be payable by the first of each month. You must pay your monthly dues in order to maintain membership in Local 675 and the United Association (UA). Failure to pay the monthly dues will result in a Suspension and an eventual Expulsion from the Local. The rules for suspension and expulsion from membership for non-payment of dues are set forth in the UA Constitution. SEC. 157 states, “A member owing over three (3) months’ dues shall automatically be suspended from membership without notice of any kind…” SEC. 158(a) states, “A suspended member becomes in good standing and his suspension is lifted by the payment of all back dues through the current months together with a $50.00 reinstatement fee…” SEC. 159 states, “Any member in arrears for dues for a period of six (6) months shall stand expelled…” If you have any questions, please contact the Union Office at 1-808-536-5454.