Local 675 Scholarship Winners

Sean Michael Ceria
Devyn Motoko Chun
Kassidy Chun
Alayna A. Evans
Phalencity Gordon-Cabural
Makana Rikio Murashige
Victoria Paige Nago
Emily A. Rodrigues

The Lucky 8 constitute this year’s Plumbers & Fitters Local Union 675 $1,000 Imi Loa Scholarship winners, all looking to their first post-high school college year in this time of uncertainty. The deserving eight scholars, each the daughter or son of an active Local 675 member, working or retired, were congratulated with a check for $1,000 in their name. For precautionary measures, no luncheon was held this year due to the COVID-19 virus. Business Manager Val Ceria mentioned, “Although we could not gather at a lunch presentation, we were still happy to continue to support and recognize the deserving children of our members.” The winners for 2020 are listed in alphabetical order, noting their parental and qualifying Union ties, their respective academic background and the institutions that have accepted each for the Fall term.

Sean Michael Ceria: Honolulu (Iolani School), parents Deric Ceria (Refr/Ftr JM retiree) and Glenda Ceria, accepted by Seattle University, UC San Diego, Gonzaga University. Major – Mechanical Engineering.

Devyn Motoko Chun: Honolulu (St Andrews Priory School), parents Wallace Chun (Plbr JM retiree) and Iris Chun, accepted by UCLA, UC-Irvine, UH-Manoa. Major – Life Sciences.

Kassidy Chun: Honolulu (Kaiser HS), parents Scott Chun (Refr Ftr JM-Johnson Controls) and Janis Chun, accepted by Creighton University, Point Loma Nazarene University, Biola University. Major – Biology.

Alayna A. Evans: Maui (Kamehameha Schools-Maui), parents Ivan Evans (Plbr JM-Dorvin D Leis) and Dahlia Evans, accepted by Azusa Pacific University, University of Portland, Gonzaga University. Major – Nursing.

Phalencity Gordon-Cabural: Ewa Beach (Campbell HS), parents Phillip Gordon (Plbr JM-Dorvin D Leis) and Wynafer Gordon, accepted by UH, UHWest Oahu, University of Las Vegas. Major – Dental Hygiene.

Makana Rikio Murashige: Honolulu (Punahou School), parents Randall Murashige (Refr Ftr JM retiree) and Kami Murashige, accepted by University of Pugent Sound, Pacific University, Chapman University. Major – Pre-Pharmacy.

Victoria Paige Nago: Honolulu (Hawaii Baptist Academy), parents Dwight Nago (Refr Ftr JM retiree) and Faye Nago, accepted by George Fox University-Oregon. Major – Civil Engineering.

Emily A. Rodrigues: Honolulu (Mililani HS), parents Matthew Rodrigues (Plbr JM-Honolulu Plbg) and Pamela Rodrigues, accepted by Creighton University, Oregon State University, UH-Manoa. Major – Biology with a Pre-Med track.