Training News

Due to COVID-19, the Apprenticeship Graduation ceremony was cancelled for the Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 graduates. Head “Graduates from this class will have the Training Coordinator Chuck Shima stated, opportunity to attend the Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 graduation ceremony.” He also noted that the 2020 Instructor Training Program (ITP) held every summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan was cancelled.

The Training Office was tasked, with approval from the JATC, to place all apprentices statewide on home study courses. This was to help the apprentices complete the Spring 2020 semester-related classes. The training coordinators, Kirk Kageno, Ronden Numasaki, and Chuck Shima have been using video communication conducting Zoom online classes as well as utilizing blackboard online classes. In addition, they have been busy correcting the lessons as well.

In June, the community colleges across the state have been allowing in-person classes provided health and safety guidelines of the college are practiced. Training will complete hands-on training for the 5th year apprentices who will soon become journeymen.

As far as recruitment, the Kauai Recruitment is currently ongoing for those interested.