Labor of Love Project at Dole Middle School

Jared Solidum with Commercial Plumbing installing the water fountain in the cafeteria.

The annual AFL-CIO Labor of Love event returned on April 15th at Dole Middle School. Volunteers came from many unions, teachers, staff, students, businesses, and community partners to clean up and repair the grounds, and Local 675 was proudly represented. Union business agents Sam Barrett Jr., Lance Hayashi, and Ben Panis graciously used their expertise to get the job done. Brother Jared Solidum with Commercial Plumbing was also one of the many volunteers on the project. Materials were donated by Commercial Plumbing, Economy Plumbing, and Continental Mechanical of the Pacific. They were able to install a new shower fixture upgraded to ADA standards, a new water fountain in the cafeteria with a bottle fill station, an electric water heater, and wash basin. They even installed a new washer/dryer so the students would be able to wash their clothes and wear clean clothing to school. It was an event everyone could be proud of with a school community of people who were most grateful.