Kapolei High School Plumbers Career Day

Kapolei High School students at the fire sprinkler assembly station.
Students trying their hand at pipe bending and pipe flaring

Training came with their well-equipped trailer to showcase Local 675’s Apprenticeship Program at Kapolei High School for their Plumbers Career Day event on May 10th. This first-time opportunity gave the Building/Construction students three hours to learn about the program and had the opportunity to participate at three different handson activities. The three stations consisted of a fire sprinkler riser assembly, a pipe bending/flaring station, and a soft soldering station. The Union Agents as well as the Training Coordinators assisted the selected group of students at each of the stations. The response from the students was great, according to Head Training Coordinator Dean Kobashigawa. He said, “The students really enjoyed the experience with the different tools of the trade and the completion of each of the projects at each station. Among their favorite was the soft soldering station where they used the propane torch to perform the actual soldering.” Business Manager Valentino Ceria added, “This was a great event for Local 675 and the Apprenticeship Program.” It was a busy day with many interested students and future recruitment prospects.