UA Maternity Benefit Plan

The United Association is excited to announce its new Maternity Benefit Plan, which provides short-term disability benefits to support United Association members in good standing following their childbirth. Eligibility for the Maternity Benefit is limited to UA members in good standing who have given birth to a child on or after November 1, 2022. Individuals must be a member in good standing of the United Association at the time of childbirth and during the period for which benefits are paid.

If these requirements are met, a Maternity Benefit is payable in the amount of $500 per week for a maximum of 6 weeks ($3,000 maximum benefit). The benefit is paid in US dollars (USD) for US members and Canadian dollars (CAD) for Canadian members. The same benefit amount is paid for members who give birth to multiple children (e.g., twins, triplets). The benefit is taxable; where required by applicable law, tax withholdings will be made. The Plan, which is funded by member dues, is operated and administered by the United Association. The United Association’s General Secretary Treasurer (“GST”) is the administrator of the Plan. The GST’s Office maintains records of the Plan, processes benefit payments and performs the day-to-day administrative tasks necessary to operate the Plan.

If you qualify, you can log on to the following link: