Medical Coverage When Traveling to a Foreign Country

Before leaving home, the member may call the BCBS Global Core Service Center at +1-800-810-BLUE (2583) or collect at +1-804-673-1177 and have a representative provide names of participating hospitals and providers where they’ll be visiting.

Or, if the member would prefer, they can take a look at providers on the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Global Core website:

  • They’d have to enter the first three letters of their Member ID number from their card and then select the Provider Type. Then they would select the Country and City.
  • If the provider has a Network Provider icon, then that provider is contracted to accept direct payment for medical services.

Before leaving Hawaii, members should confirm with their primary care provider or HMSA if they would need a prior authorization (precertification) for services outside of Hawaii.

If the member is in another country and needs non-emergency medical services, they should call the BSBS Global Core Service Center collect at +1-804-673-1177. They can help the member find and make an appointment with a participating provider and help coordinate payment for hospital and inpatient facility care.

Members can find more information on Accessing Care Outside the United States at:, click on the Help Center, then type in Accessing Care Outside the United States.