Local 675 Endorses Lt. Governor Josh Green for Governor and State Representative Sylvia Luke for Lt. Governor

(l-r) Willy Kano, Elpidio Tivera, Lance Hayashi, Donovan Lewis, Jonathan Lee, Bus. Mgr. Val Ceria, Lt. Governor Josh Green, Alan Arakaki, Natalie Castanares, Sam Barrett, Jr., Matt Brady, Tracy Tanouye, Ben Panis, Derek Hirao, Kika Bukoski.

Local 675 recently announced its endorsement of current Lt. Governor Josh Green for Governor and State Representative Sylvia Luke for Lt. Governor. Both Green and Luke have been consistent supporters of Local 675.

In an endorsement ceremony in mid February, Business Manager Val Ceria along with members of his staff and retirees welcomed Josh Green’s candidacy for Governor and spent some time discussing important issues facing our industry, our local union, and our members.

“Green’s commitment to Hawai`i’s working families are sincere and genuine,” said Business Manager Val Ceria. “In the coming years, we look forward to working with Josh to invest in our water infrastructure and to do our part to ensure that our families have safe, secure, and clean water resources. . . to take a role in water conservation and technological efficiencies, and to build the Hawai`i that our families deserve.”

(l-r) Business Manager Val Ceria, State Representative Sylvia Luke, Vice President Benji Panis, President Matt Brady.

Local 675 also announced its support for veteran legislator and Chair of the powerful House Finance Committee, Sylvia Luke for Lt. Governor. After serving nearly 25 years as a legislator in the legislative branch, Repr. Luke decided it was time to implement the laws that she helped to adopt by joining the administrative branch.

“Sylvia has been a good friend of Local 675 and we look forward to working with her as Lt. Governor,” said Ceria. “We are confident she will use her vast years of experience, creating laws and policies that govern our state, to actually implement and put those laws and policies to work to improve the quality of life for our members.”

This election is a pivotal one for our Union and our members. Coming out of the pandemic and revitalizing our economy is essential to our Union’s continued success and growth. Working closely with the Governor and Lt. Governor will help ensure short, mid, and long term viability of our Union. It’s important that our voices are heard in the ballot box and that Local 675 support those that support Local 675.

You can make a difference by hanging a banner on your fence, placing a sign in your yard, wearing a T-shirt, sporting a bumper sticker on your vehicle, or volunteering in some way. For more info, please contact Kika G. Bukoski at (808)536-5454 extension 233.

Please vote for Josh Green and Sylvia Luke and tell your friends and family to do the same.