Maintain Your Medical Coverage While Unemployed

As a follow up to the Trust Fund Office March 2020 notice sent to all UA Local 675 members, we want to remind members that there may be work hours credits available during periods of unemployment to allow you to continue your Health and Welfare coverage. Per our PAMCAH-UA Local 675 Health and Welfare Summary Plan Description, Chapter 2 on Page 6

“If, after meeting initial eligibility and applicable enrollment requirements, you become unemployed and eligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits under the Hawaii Employment Security Law (Unemployed Period), you will be credited with 35 hours for each week of unemployment for eligibility purposes, up to a maximum of 840 hours during any 6 consecutive month period that includes your ‘Unemployed Period’, provided that you remain within the jurisdiction of UA Local 675 and be available for dispatch from UA Local 675.”

In order to receive the 35 hours of unemployment work credit each week that may sufficiently maintain your Health and Welfare coverage, you must do the following:

  • Sign into the Out-of-Work List at the Union Hall and be available for work, and
  • Submit a copy of your State of Hawaii unemployment form to the Trust Fund Office as verification that you are receiving Hawaii unemployment benefits.

This requirement applies to all Oahu and neighbor island members. Please remember that you must contact the Union Office and remove your name immediately from the Out-of-Work List after going back to covered work.

If you have any questions, please call the Trust Fund Office at 808-536-4408.