Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

2017 Apprentice Graduates Contest Winners
To culminate their apprenticeship program, each apprentice had to take a written exam and participate in a hands-on project. The project was scored on time, accuracy, alignment and safety for each of the trades. Some disciplines included, pipe threading, solder brazing, plastic piping, tube bending, welding, HVAC trouble shooting and pipefitting layout. Three winners were chosen for each trade - Plumbing, Refrigeration/AC, Fire Sprinkler and Steamfitter/Welder based on a high combined score for their written exam and hands-on project. The winners of the contest are listed below.

1st Place - Kyle Mizuno

2nd Place - Calvin Waiolama

3rd Place - Gilbert Dasalla

1st Place - Bob Duropan

2nd Place - Joseph Park

3rd Place - Brian Baldevarona

1st Place - Charles Hazelwood

2nd Place - Jeffery Wong

3rd Place - Bronson Pukahi

1st Place - Reginald Ernest Kekua

2nd Place - Jasmyne Thiel

3rd Place - Clarence Preston Jr.
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