Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Apprentices Move On To Become Journeymen with United Association Local 675

2016-2017 PAMCAH-UA Local 675 51st Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony & Dinner. Front row (left to right): Matt Brady, Gregg Serikaku,
Mark Suzuki, Val Ceria, Robert Lamb II, Reggie Castanares, Kent Matsuzaki, Patrick Miura, Owen Muramatsu. Second row (left to right):
Chuck Shima, Kirk Kageno, Ronden Numasaki, Kyle Mizuno, Rogelio Bartolome Jr., Jordan Bruhn, Paul Alvaro, Jeffrey Wong, Charles Hazlewood,
Reginald Ernest Kekua, Tracy Tanouye, Troy Sakamoto. Third row (left to right): Philip Dela Cruz, Gilbert Dasalla, Calvin Waiolama,
Richard Carlos Franco, Edmund Amaral Jr, Brian Baldevarona, Casey Kohagura, Kekoa Onaga, Bob Duropan, Christopher Ponce, Joseph Park,
Brandon Resentes, Clarence Preston Jr., Bronson Pukahi, Travis Ching, Joseph Correia IV, Jared Hara & Blayne Kamahiai.

51st Graduation Ceremony & Dinner Showcasing 33

Apprentices Let’s welcome the class of 2017 to the journeymen ranks with Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 675. These 33 apprentices gave it their all to complete the five-year program. The commencement was held on June 24 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Coral Ballroom surrounded by their family.

“I am proud of each and every one of our apprentices for completing the program and taking your future to the next level,” said Reginald Castanares, Business Manager/Financial Secretary for Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 675.

“With this new role comes more responsibility and I am excited to see a fresh group of journeymen moving up in the ranks.”

The evening opened with great entertainment followed by words of encouragement to the graduates from UA International Representative Robert Lamb II for California and Hawaii, and PAMCA Executive Director Gregg Serikaku.

In his speech, Robert Lamb II gave an important piece of advice to the apprentices: “Show up to work ready to work and work an honest eight hours. If you make the contractor look good, it makes the union look good and that’s how we get jobs.”

Gregg Serikaku’s message to the graduates used Ho - ku- le‘a’s journey through Ma - lama Honua as a way to shed real life perspective on each apprentices success in their trade: “The crew members went through many years of rigorous training and planning before they did Ma - lama Honua. Their hard work allowed them to complete the voyage. So the members hard work and training will allow them to be successful at their jobs.”

After dinner, each graduate was called on stage to receive their diploma by Reginald Castanares.

The graduates include:
Fall 2016 (Oahu) - Edmund Amaral Jr., Blayne Kamahiai, Casey Kohagura & Todd Tanoura
Spring 2017 (Oahu) - Warren Ballesteros, Rogelio Bartolome Jr., Joseph Correia IV, Gilbert Dasalla, Philip Dela Cruz, Scott Galbiso, Kyle Mizuno, Shaun Pa‘a‘aina, Brandon Resentes, Jay Tamayoshi, Darren Uno & Calvin Waiolama

Fall 2017 (Oahu) - Brian Baldevarona
Spring 2017 (Oahu) - Paul Alvaro, Jordan Bruhn, Travis Ching, Bob Duropan, Richard Carlos Franco, Jared Hara, Kekoa Onaga, Joseph Park & Christopher Ponce
Spring 2017 (Maui) - Chad Takahashi

Fire Sprinkler
Spring 2017 (Oahu) - Charles Hazlewood, Bronson Pukahi & Jeffrey Wong

Spring 2017 (Oahu) - Reginald Ernest Kekua, Clarence Preston Jr. & Jasmyne Thiel

Congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates!
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