Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Setting The Tone And Making It Happen
Reginald Castanares, Business Manager/Financial Secretary
2016 is in the books and now we are several months into the New Year. Last year, the construction industry continued to gain speed throughout the State of Hawaii with a number of commercial and residential projects. While we were blessed with opportunity, there are still challenges that lie ahead.

The theme for 2017 is "protecting the prevailing wage rate". This is the year in which we want to set the tone for working-class families by fighting for continued opportunities.

On a national level, the Construction Unions are pushing back on the "Right-To-Work" bill that was introduced into legislation. If enacted, it could hurt the prevailing wage rate and may lower wages and incomes for workers.

On a state level, we are working to protect Chapter 104 - "Little Davis-Bacon" Act, which would preserve the state's prevailing wage for our members.

This alone is going to be a major challenge over the weeks to come, but we are prepared and ready to stand up for our Local 675 members and their Ohana.

As your Business Manager, and with my team of business agents and staff, we are committed to working hard and putting your best interest forward.

We are excited to take on this new year and will work to succeed with the support, dedication and hard work from all of us at Local 675. Through teamwork, relentless effort and solid execution, we can exceed our goals and ensure we all have our best year yet.
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