Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Becoming Aware of New Political Challenges
It has been awhile that labor is facing potentially extreme challenges.

As noted at our membership year-end gatherings, we try to anticipate issues in the coming year by developing solutions favorable to organized labor and also reducing tensions raised by anti-union forces.

We expect in any instance to be positive, in the event our cherished stances are attacked. We owe to our membership and labor in general our best efforts to throttle any attempt aimed at impairing successes we have gained, achieved independently or collaboratively.

This concern comes on the eve of the opening of a Congressional session dominated by hardline Republicans and led by a President whose postelection behavior is intimidating.

Although locally we have a friendly state administration and legislature as well as county leaders and councils, nothing should ever be taken for granted because each sector likewise will face naysayers, depending on the issue.

So we have our work cut out requiring your vigorous and unrelenting support when called upon.

As your business manager I have been blessed in that regard. The team we have assembled to face these various political venues possesses the skill and capacity needed to realize our goals. It needs chiefly your wholehearted backing. Much mahalo and a truly happy year for you and your family.
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