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plumbers and fitters union local 675

Plumbers Union Proud of Members’ Progeny
Local 675’s Imi Loa Foundation Unveils First Scholarship Winners

Are‘a Kaimi‘ola Amaral Cara Kaimiola Nobuko
Mitchell Alan Foley Kalynn Puanani Latu Erik Cameron Lee
Ten island youngsters are having part of their higher education this year financed through scholarships provided for the first time by the UA Plumbers & Fitters Local 675.

The recipients, children or grandchildren of active Local 675 members, won $l,000 scholarships from Local 675’s Imi Loa Foundation.

“We’re happy we have the resources for a program to benefit a younger generation whose elders are part of our Union,” business manager Reginald Castanares said. “We believe it is one our members consider important in terms of building both family and educational values.”

Winners of the scholarships (their Union parent/grandparent tie and school/major noted) were:

Are‘a Kaimi‘ola Amaral, Honolulu, daughter of Edmund Amaral Jr., Hawaii Pacific University (nursing).

Cara Kaimiola Nobuko Bertelmann, Kamuela, daughter of Baron Bertelmann, University of Nebraska (advertising & public relations).

Mitchell Alan Foley, Pahoa, son of James Patrick Foley. Hawaii Community College, Hilo (Engineering/Aviation).

Kalynn Puanani Latu, Kahuku, daughter of Lominga Latu, BYU-Hawaii (history/journalism).

Erik Cameron Lee, Honolulu, son of Ronald Lee/ grandson of lifetime member Yok Tong Lung, Colorado School of Mines (petroleum engineering).

Marysa Hope Oshiro, Kapolei, daughter of Robin Oshiro, UCLA (linguistics).

Megan Louise Oshiro, Kapolei, daughter of Robin Oshiro, Willamette University (communications/law).

Jennie Tracy Ryckman, Kapolei, daughter of Michael Ryckman, Northern Arizona University (computer science).

Matthew Ken Sueda, Hilo, son of Michael Sueda, Swarthmore College (biology/biomedical engineering).

Cortney Yonemori-Lara, Hilo, daughter of Raymond Lara, UH-Hilo (nursing).

Marysa Hope Oshiro Megan Louise Oshiro Jennie Tracy Ryckman Matthew Ken Sueda Cortney Yonemori-Lara
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