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Training News - Instructor Training in Michigan

Front L-R: Steve Ku, Chris Ortogero, Chuck Shima, Ronden Numasaki, Kirk Kageno, Raymond Park, Roberto Rellin. Back L-R: Jordan Dawson, Scot Minemoto, Royce Akiona, George Sapla.

The UA’s 66th Instructor Training Program (ITP) held on August 10-16 marked the 30th year held at the Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The comprehensive training curriculum has been developed to safeguard the memberships’ employability, to stay relevant with industry change, and to prepare for the demands of the future. "Our contractors have acknowledged that safety, productivity, and skills training to be the most important factors on the job," mentioned business manager Val Ceria.

This year eight instructors attended the training program with training coordinators, Chuck Shima, Kirk Kageno and Ronden Numasaki also attending classes. There were two new instructors attending, Royce Akiona and Roberto Rellin. Congratulations to Raymond Park who graduated from the program this year. Jordan Dawson took the Electrical Safety class to train our members, Steve Ku took Foreman Training for a possible future training class, Scot Minemoto and Chuck Shima became OSHA Certified Instructors, and Roberto Rellin took AutoCAD Training for another new future training class. Shima mentioned that they received the UA grant approval for a three-year subscription for AutoCAD Building Design Ultimate Suite for the Iwilei computer lab. Once established, the training office will be looking to offer AutoCAD classes for our members.

"Times are ever changing so we need to embrace the use of technology and incorporate the skills and knowledge we learn and continue to evolve. That’s the only way we can be ahead of the game and able to pass the knowledge on to the members," stated training coordinator, Chuck Shima.

Fall 2019 Semester (began on August 5 and 6, 2019)

Total number of registered apprentices: 423

Oahu: 352 (Plumbing-184, A/C-182, Fire Sprinkler-37, Sprinkler Fitter-3); Maui: 26; Kauai: 18; Hawaii: 27

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