Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Business Manager's Message
Valentino Ceria, Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Business Manager Valentino Ceria with UA International Representative Derrick Kualapai.

In the last three months of summer, we signed on board three new signatory contractors of Local 675, Tradewinds Cooling, LLC, APB Mechanical, LLC, and Narito Sheetmetal & Mechanical Corp.

After a long break, we kickstarted the Fall general membership meeting on September 9th with an educational video and slideshow at the Washington Middle School cafeteria. The topic of concern was the Pension Plan. Earlier, the Trust Fund Office sent out the informational material for the members to absorb and understand. Speaking for my staff and myself, we were very appreciative to the membership who attended the meeting for ratifying the changes that had to be made to keep the pension plan healthy. (See article on Pension Plan.)

Last month I attended Phase II of the Newly Elected Business Manager's Seminar in Ann Arbor, Michigan which was in conjunction with the Instructor Training Program. I got to meet with my fellow new business managers again to share and discuss current topics affecting our locals. Some of the training included UA jurisdiction, recapturing market share in the residential sector, and current legal topics. General President McManus was also one of the presenters sharing his knowledge to the new leaders.

Brother McManus again emphasized the importance of the Organizing Contribution which would provide key funding for the UA's number one initiative – growing market share in all sectors of our industry. As mentioned at the Union meeting, the Organizing Contribution is $.10 for every hour worked by each UA member working in our jurisdiction. The UA's new Organizing Contribution mandate went into effect July 1, 2019. Our local will make contributions from our General Fund, beginning September for the month of July.

I also attended the Negotiations and Trustee Seminar at the UA headquarter's new training facility in Annapolis, Maryland. Some topics discussed included basics of ERISA, fiduciary responsibilities, trust governance issues, plan operations, functions of service providers, avoiding nonexempt prohibited transactions, plan funding issues, and other responsibilities as a Union Trustee. The seminar also covered topics related to negotiations and understanding the collective bargaining process.

This month's newsletter features the nine Imi Loa Foundation scholarship winners. I met with each of the recipients and proud parents who attended the luncheon and they were all appreciative of the Union's support. We encourage our members to have your children or grandchildren apply for this one-time scholarship opportunity next year.

Let's not forget our 100th year anniversary coming around the corner. The theme for our centennial is E Ho'omau, which we interpret to mean "building on the past … for a better tomorrow." Ho'omau we are told is the Hawaiian value of perseverance and persistence. We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate this important event with our Honorary Chairman, Brother Mark McManus.

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