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plumbers and fitters union local 675

Local 675 Members and Families Take on the 35th Annual Great Aloha Run

Val Ceria with Richard & Shawna Pablingwit first in
at the Union's breakfast event.

Thousands of runners and walkers hit the streets of Honolulu for the annual Hawaii Pacific Health Great Aloha Run that took place on President's Day. In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Run, Local 675 members and families took off from Aloha Tower and ended 8.15 miles later to the finish line at Aloha Stadium happily wearing their commemorative medals.

The Plumbers Union as part of the Presidents' 100 Club is rated No. 4 of the top 10 organizations participating in the Great Aloha Run this year. For the last 16 years, Local 675 has fully sponsored the participation of Local 675 members, active and retired, and their families, who registered for the event. The Union's coverage included the cost of the registration fee, a Union t-shirt, as well as a complimentary breakfast after the Run at the Stadium's Hospitality Room.

First in at the Union's breakfast event were Richard and Shawna Pabingwit timed at 1 hour 45 minutes. Richard is an A/C apprentice at Dorvin D. Leis, Co. on Maui and Shawna works in HR at Maui Community College. Richard will be on military leave heading for Afghanistan next month. He was surprised, "to be the first ones in," and appreciated the warm welcome and breakfast.

Retiree Ernie Theodore came in at 1 hour and 50 minutes said this is his 9th year of doing this and expressed, "It's an honor to represent Local 675 for this worthwhile cause and where the monies go to various charities in the state." He wears all the Local 675 t-shirts and mentioned the orange one is his all-time favorite.

Assistant Training Coordinator, Kirk Kageno and his family have been doing the Run for the past 9 years and happily exclaimed, "with no training!"

Craig Yanagihashi, retiree was "very appreciative of the breakfast but if there's no Portuguese sausage then I won't come," he said jokingly.

Doug Stewart, a retiree A/C fitter with Honeywell has been doing the Run with his wife Kathy for the last 3 years now and 2 years with the Union. He said, "We would definitely do this again with the Union. More members should participate knowing that the Union pays for our entrance fees."

Business Manager Val Ceria and staff were at hand to welcome the incoming members, families and friends. He stated, "We're pleased everyone had a great time enjoying themselves participating in this worthwhile event and also striving for their own personal best."

Members and their families in line at the Union’s breakfast buffet

Chauncey Louis Family

Blake & Shari Moniz Family

Baret Morishige & Tricia

Craig & Terry Yanagihashi Family

Brian & Piilani Taira Family

Donovan Lewis & Linda

Darrell & Emelyn Bucsit Family

Errol Domrique & Aaron Pule Families

David Young, Sara & Kailee

Wilder Chock Family

Brandt Watanabe & Jodi

Gordon & Alecia Caughman

Isaac Sanchez, Jr.

John & Joanna Ridings Family

Benji & Susan Panis with Kelcie

Ryan DeLima with Jadan & Jaryd

Lance Takara Family

Stanley & Maureen Chun Family

Valeriano Quitoles Family

Edward Lum & Alec Hamaguchi

Doug & Kathie Steward & Leslie

Theodore & Lisa Kaneshiro Family

Kirk & Lori Kageno Family

Chad Murakawa

Matt Brady

Ernie Theodore

Wade Yamamoto & Reena

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