Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Business Manager’s Message
Valentino Ceria, Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer

Val Ceria with UA General President Mark McManus (left) and
UA Executive Vice President James Moss
The year began with renewed enthusiasm to fulfill the commitments we made toward our goals. One of which was to bring back the Ha‘aheo newsletter for our members to communicate and keep everyone informed of the Union’s activities.

The UA General Office under the leadership of Mark McManus stresses the continuing education in an ever-changing environment to keep you, the member, a valuable employee of our contractors. They just completed the new United Association Education and Conference Center at the headquarters of the UA General Office in Annapolis, Maryland. Classes for Local Union Officers and staff include topics such as collective bargaining, jurisdiction, legal changes and best practices, organizing, and training.

I recently attended the New Business Manager Seminar in February at the United Association’s Center. There were 35 new business managers from all over the U.S. and Canada attending the classes. The training was aimed to teach the new leaders how to successfully represent the members, to understand the extent of their authority, how to protect the jurisdiction, and to expand the rank-and-file through organizing.

One of the topics that was mentioned was a contribution from each local union to the UA’s new Organizing Fund. That is something that the UA is promoting and requiring of each union by this year. There will be more discussion on this subject matter as we receive more information from the UA.

Also discussed was how each local union need to be in compliance with the 2016 UA Constitution approved at the last UA Convention. We are currently working on revising our current Constitution, By-Laws and Working Rules of Local 675.

Our immediate goal for the new year is to make our offices and jobsites function at a higher efficiency level, through education and new initiatives. The UA International Training Fund recently approved a Grant to the PAMCAH-UA Local Union 675 toward the education and training of the apprentices and journeymen.

As I mentioned in my Business Manager’s report this month, we are looking forward to our yearend celebration with the 100th Anniversary of Local Union 675, chartered on November 15, 1919. More information on the big event will be forthcoming as we forge ahead into a prosperous New Year.
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