Plumbers and Fitters Union Local 675
plumbers and fitters union local 675

Bringing in the Year of the Boar

(left to right) Ronden Numasaki, Troy Sakamoto, Jordan Dawson, Benjamin Panis, Matthew Brady, Valentino Ceria, James Fan, and Chuck

January 2019 began with the Union’s new leader, Valentino Ceria, elected in December as the Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer. Born in the year of the Boar, he leads the way with his fellow newly elected officers, President Matthew Brady, Vice President Benjamin "Benji" Panis, and Jordan Dawson who was unopposed as Sentry. Also re-elected unopposed were James Fan and Chuck Shima who sit on the Executive Board with Dean Kobashigawa and Sheung Man Wong. New Finance Committee Member Troy Sakamoto joins Kirk Kageno and Royce Akiona. On the Examining Board, Ronden Numasaki was unopposed and on board with Lance Hayashi and Richard Gordon. The officers were sworn in by past Local 675 President, Donovan Lewis at the Washington Middle School Cafeteria on January 7th.

Valentino "Val" Ceria began the year as the fifth Business Manager since 1919 and makes history as the first Welder to take the helm. "I would like to thank the members for coming out to vote. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to lead this Union and implement changes to improve the overall benefits for our members. Moving forward, our administration will emphasize open communication, continuing education and foremost, service to the membership," Val Ceria expressed.

(l-r) Vice President Benjamin Panis, President Matthew Brady, and
Business Manager/Financial Secretary-Treasurer Valentino Ceria take the oath of office.

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